About Us


Jonway is a united and positive enterprise that observes disciplines and laws, benefits the public, and serves as a great family. All staff shall be keenly aware that benefiting others is benefiting themselves. Shaping of personality is fundamental, and creation of wealth is incidental. Honesty is fundamental to the existence of an enterprise, only an honest enterprise will seek truth from facts and provide quality products and services to the public; diligence is the source of benefit, only diligence accords with the theory that “God help those who help themselves”; innovation is the power for our permanent operation, only constant innovation can make us remain invincible; teamwork is the foundation for our development, only organic cooperation in a team can make work smooth and produce harmonious internal and external relations. Every screw is necessary, and loosening of a screw is the beginning of failure of a machine.

The mission of Jonway is to create value and enhance the dignity and happiness of Chinese. Therefore, unremitting pursuit of product quality and services is the aim of our development and runs through our life. Quality products and services will satisfy customers and yield a good return from the market. To achieve that, you have to figure out a way rather than find bundles of excuses. Discussion and study is a process of finding the way, only execution will lead to real results, just as the saying goes, “Action speaks louder than words”. Communication is the bridge of life and work. We must communicate with colleagues, customers, the society and ourselves, communication must be a habit and normal state. We should proactively seize any possible opportunity to communicate with a positive and friendly mind, otherwise the communication effect will be poor when problems occur, because the person may have had a default position or may be anxious. A smile, a word or a simple movement of kindness is an accessory to friendly communication. A competent manager should proceed from the general situation without regard to personal gain, face up to problems, work out solutions and assume responsibility for ultimate results, therefore he or she should constantly cultivate the sense of responsibility in work.

Jonway rejects those who practice jobbery, work solely for profit, talk gossip, idle about, take things lightly, shirk responsibility, have no desire for progress, slack off on work, violate laws and disciplines, speak offensive language and gang up. Jonway strives to be an enterprise respected by the society. Let’s work together for a bright future of Jonway.