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Yasuaki Ishida, a specially retained technical expert of Jonway, is currently the company’s technical/quality director and director of the technical research center. As a senior industry insider, he has been engaged in experimental research on new models with research departments of Japanese automakers for nearly four decades. With his advanced management background, exquisite expertise and rich R & D experience, Mr. Ishida is highly regarded as a model executive.

Early in the 1970s, Mr. Ishida was involved in the R & D of the first FF (front-engine front-drive) model. Afterwards, he successively undertook the development of many other new models, such as the FF four-wheel drive, FR (Front-engine Rear-drive) four-wheel drive and high-performance four-wheel drive passenger vehicles. As a member of the group for procurement planning of experimental equipment and measuring instruments, he has been versed in such aspects as development technology, technical method and experimental method through three decades’ research and exploration.

He has worked on motor sports for a decade, with emphasis on race cars, rally cars and slalom competition cars based on the high-performance four-wheel drive production models. His primary work is replacing fittings of high-performance production models such as suspension, brakes, engine ECU, LSD and exhaust systems to meet customers’ competitive demands and enhance integrated matching technology. Mr. Ishida is a versatile and rare automotive expert. He not only provides technical support for quality certification and tests of pre-manufactured vehicles, but has a great capacity for comprehensive evaluation of vehicles and top driving skills. To have a good mastery of the overall structure and performance of vehicles, he disassembles automotive parts, conducts analytical evaluations of performance, purchases all competing models for investigation, measurement and evaluation, and sets development objectives. He has evaluated hundreds of developed models as well as domestic and overseas competing models, and has become fully familiar with many types of vehicles. Now, he can find out the causes of problems and work out solutions using his rich experience rather than measuring instruments.

With the International Racing Drivers License, rich racing experience and top driving skills, Mr. Ishida often gives practical instructions at car races around the world. He is most skilled in four-wheel drive force distribution, operation stability enhancement, braking performance enhancement, and setting the lock rate of the LSD, thereby enhancing the basic driving, turning and stopping performance. As a top lecturer, he attends training at different levels every year, instructs testers in driving skill, accident avoidance and the essentials of evaluating high-performance vehicles with outstanding operation stability to make them have superior driving skills and capacity for accident voidance.

Since joining Jonway, with the spirit of serving domestically produced SUVs and the sense of high efficiency, high energy and innovation, Mr. Ishida has worked consciously, scrupulously and wholeheartedly towards a bright future for Jonway.